Maya Childcare
Giving children a better start in life

The Maya Childcare Trust in the UK and Maya Childcare Inc. in the USA together fund and support the Acorn Childcare Centre in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

The centre provides a safe and caring educational environment for Guatemalan children living in poverty, and at risk of suffering from neglect.

It ensures that children’s basic needs are met and encourages active learning during the formative pre-school years of 2-6.

This is a crucial stage of development and the support they receive at the centre has a positive impact throughout their lives.

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The need for this Centre

Nearly 3/4 of the population of Guatemala live in poverty, with 1/5 living in extreme poverty. Nearly 1/2 of Guatemala’s children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition.

The first 5 years of children’s lives are of vital importance. The way that their brains develop during this time will shape the way that they live, their health, their learning, their relationships, and their happiness throughout the rest of their lives. Poverty, poor nutrition, and neglect can greatly damage healthy growth and brain development.

The Acorn Childcare Centre provides children with a nutritious diet and monitors children's health and development.

It offers childcare during school hours to ensure that older siblings have the opportunity to attend classes, and it allows mothers to work without fearing for their children’s safety or well-being.

It also provides an emotionally nurturing environment and essential early years education so that children develop social and learning skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives.

The centre works closely with families to ensure that parents are included in their children’s education and that staff at the centre understand children’s home situations. Workshops, individual conferences, and the co-operative nature of the centre helps parents to develop their own skills and to feel supported in their parenting.

The need for your support

The Acorn Childcare Centre opened on the 1st of March 2006 and now cares for about 20 pre-school children and their families.

Dramatic inflation within the country and a less favorable exchange rate mean that we urgently need to raise more funds in order to enable the work of the centre to continue. Your support can make an enormous difference. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • $20 pays for hygiene products for a month (toothbrushes, toothpaste, face cloths, soap)
  • $25 pays for safe drinking water for the Center for a month
  • $70 pays for educational resources for a month
  • $450 pays for rent for the building for one month

Every contribution helps!

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